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Friday, December 16, 2016

Family Work Time

Working together as a family has really helped bring our family closer.

When I was little, we always had a job to do.  My dad worked longer days Mon-Thurs so he had Fridays off.  We had lots of projects and jobs to do while my dad was home.  We had a garden with the worst weeds ever! I learned that weeding is never done-weeds always grow back especially when you do a crappy job! Darn those blackberry bushes! But I also learned the satisfaction of working hard and accomplishing something.  I think that all of my siblings learned to work hard because of all the jobs and responsibilities we had.

One of my favorite memories of working was when I worked together with my brothers on a project. We wanted to get a new trampoline but my dad said it had to be at ground level. My older brothers and I went out after school and dug a hole for it.  It wasn't an easy job as the ground was solid! We had to use a pick and shovel and it took a long time to finish.  It was a challenge for me but we had so much fun on the tramp! I have such good memories of digging with my brothers. The hole has since been filled in, but the memories of accomplishing something hard remain.  

In my family, we have tried to teach our kids to work.  I have really struggled with letting go of me doing everything just right and letting them do it.  It takes time to teach them how to do it the right way and to follow up to make sure that they do their jobs.  But once they learn how to do something, it sure makes your life easier and your home a cleaner, more peaceful place. We have tried many methods of to follow up with the kids on their chores.  We have used beads, charts, bribery, whatever. My kids are learning that somethings just have to be done. We don't complain-we just do...Here's an example of them scrubbing the bathroom floor.  No complaining on this one, and I think they actually had fun doing it together!
A garden is a great way to teach your kids how to work.  Depending on their age/ability-there are so many jobs they can do-tilling, raking, planting, weeding, picking the veggies.  My son has been mowing the lawn since he was two!  At first it was with a toy mower-and he followed my husband around the yard as he mowed.  Then he helped push the lawn mower. Now he mows it himself, and is learning how to trim the yard as well. Sometimes even mowing the lawn becomes a family activity as we all go out and do yard work together...since there are always weeds to pull!

I need to add a small section for HOMEWORK!!! The first thing the kids do when they get home from school is homework.  It's sort of a family activity...everyone is doing homework so there is less complaining.  The TV is off as well as any other distractions. The nice thing is that if they have a question about homework, they have a sibling nearby to ask about it.  At first it was hard to get them into the habit, but now they do it without me even being there.  Definitely worth the effort...and they are getting very good grades as well.  Bonus!  

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